Booking school meals goes online

A NEW system that enables parents to book and pay for school meals online is being rolled out across East Sussex.

Already 20 primary schools have introduced the exciting online system and a further 20 will go live later this month.

All primary schools in the county will have been offered the system by spring next year.

For some time now parents have been given the flexibility to choose on a daily basis if they want their child to have a school meal and a four week rotating menu has provided a wealth of menu choice.

However, up to now, they’ve had to send the payment into school with their child.

Cllr Nick Bennett, the County Council’s Lead Member for Learning and School Effectiveness, said, “This is a brilliant new system that will be safer and much more flexible for parents. We talk to parents regularly for feedback on school meals what they like and what they don’t.

“Many have said that they have difficulty finding the right cash on a daily basis. This will enable them to set up and account online and pay that way.”

Parents that choose to use the system will be given simple and clear instructions on how to do so.

They will just have to activate their secure and private online account – it will already contain their basic details from the schools database.

They will then be able to load a payment into their account and book school lunches for days and weeks in advance. Those with siblings will be able to merge two accounts and manage it as one.

By reducing the cash transactions at the till, whether they are paying or free meal entitled, all students are served quickly and accurately as the system accounts for both online payments and registered free entitlement payments.

The online system also promises to make it easier for school offices and kitchens.

Each school kitchen will access the system and will be able to download all the bookings for that day.

And offices won’t have to collect the payments for those who have used the online system.