Ebola training at hospital

Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q ENGSUS00120140201135018
Eastbourne DGH District General Hospital . January 3rd 2013 E0103Q ENGSUS00120140201135018

Staff at Eastbourne District General Hospital are receiving training on how to deal with ebola.

Hospital workers have been getting regular updates in case somebody presents at the Kings Drive hospital with the virus.

So far, there has been just one imported case of ebola in the UK and experts studying the virus believe it is highly unlikely the disease will spread within the UK.

Tina Lloyd from infection prevention and control at the hospital trust, said, “It must be stressed the overall risk of ebola remains low in the UK. In the NHS we have robust, well-developed and well-tested systems for managing unusual infectious diseases.

“We are following national guidance from Public Health England to prepare, identify and plan for the management of patients with potential symptoms.

“We have triage mechanisms in place to quickly identify patients at risk so they can be isolated and a risk assessment completed.

“We are currently working on the principle of isolating a patient who may have been exposed to ebola and then transporting them up to London for further specialist support.

“Frontline staff who will be the first point of contact with any patients presenting with potential symptoms are being trained in the use of personal protective equipment.

“Designated isolation facilities have been identified to care for a patient with suspected ebola.

“Ebola is spread by direct contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected person.

“The important message to reassure people is that very basic infection control practises will help prevent the spread of this virus.”

In the event of any emergency outbreak Eastbourne Borough Council’s emergency planning department would be involved.

A council spokesperson said, “In the event of a health emergency in the Eastbourne area, we would support East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust which would be the lead agency.”

For information visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/public-health-england