Eastbourne woman wins battle for a bald emoji

Alopecia sufferer Jade Jarvis is 'super happy'  there is now a bald emoji thanks to her campaign. Photo by Mark Dimmock
Alopecia sufferer Jade Jarvis is 'super happy' there is now a bald emoji thanks to her campaign. Photo by Mark Dimmock

An Eastbourne woman with alopecia is celebrating after successfully campaigning for Apple to launch a bald emoji.

Jade Jarvis called on the mobile phone giant to represent the millions of people with the hair loss condition – and won.

Eastbourne alopecia sufferer calls for Apple to install bald emoji

A bald woman and man emoji are now available on iOS and she is hoping to get it introduced on Android devices too.

The 25-year-old said, “After my petition to Apple and all my hard work, I can finally say that we have a bald emoji.

“I’m so so proud of myself and super happy that my voice has been heard, on behalf of all sufferers of hair loss! Not just alopecia but any type of hair loss, from chemo patients to trichotillomania sufferers, ophiasis and hypotrichosis etc.”

Jade, who has suffered with the condition since she was 16, launched a blog called Life on a Strand about her experiences.

She said, “I wanted to raise awareness and for hair loss to be more socially acceptable, today marks the very start of that journey.

“Life on a Strand is making a difference and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to everyone that supported me and believed in me! Welcome, the bald emoji...”

The avid social media user said she launched a petition calling for the new emoji in the first place because she wanted to help people suffering from the condition to feel more included, socially accepted, and confident in themselves.

She said, “I want to inspire others that are suffering, spread awareness to those that know so little about hair loss and educate the community; making it more socially acceptable.

“Living with hair loss can be a daily battle with confidence, and one thing I have learnt since being public about my alopecia is that we are such strong people and always look out for one another.”

And then, Jade braved the shave to remove the final few strands of hair she has left.

A fundraiser, which was on Saturday (November 24) at The Dolls House in Old Town, raised money for Macmillan Cancer support.

Jade said, “This year has been a complete rollercoaster for me and in the last few weeks I have noticed my hair falling out more and more and I finally decided enough is enough!

“I wanted to be fully in control of my alopecia, rather than letting it control me and my life.”

Now Jade is completely bald, just like the emoji she helped create. She says this is the ‘next chapter’ of her alopecia journey.

Jade’s blog about living with Alopecia is available on social media and at www.lifeonastrand.com