Eastbourne woman plagued by sewage stench

Penrith Way, Eastbourne - the scene of the stink
Penrith Way, Eastbourne - the scene of the stink

A disabled elderly woman whose house has stunk of sewage for two years can no long cope with the smell, her daughter says.

The property in Penrith Way has been plagued by a foul odour which started at around the same time a sewage storage tank was installed at the top end of the road.

Southern Water has investigated all the pipes and drains in the area, but the pungent pong continues.

Frances Aukett said, “Yesterday I arrived at my mother’s house (Barbara Dell) to find her in tears as the stench was chokingly bad.

“When you enter her front door it smells like she has had a bad case of diarrhoea and people have commented to such an extent that she now avoids having any visitors.

“She is 89 years old, disabled, and cannot cope any longer with this appalling situation.”

The problem has become so bad, the family is now considering moving Mrs Dell into residential care.

Mrs Aukett continued, “We are being forced to consider the option of relocating my mother from the unacceptable conditions and having to place her in a residential home.

“If this becomes a reality we would have to consider who would be liable for the fees incurred for the period until her house is habitable again where she can receive the visitors that she needs and enjoys.”

A spokesperson for Southern Water said: “Our investigations appear to show the source of the smell is connected to a private pumping station that is not owned or managed by Southern Water, meaning it is the responsibility of the owner to resolve the odour issues.

“However, we understand this is a difficult situation for the residents of Penrith Way and Southern Water take customer queries and concerns very seriously.

“To this end our inspectors have visited the site on a number of occasions following complaints to try and assist wherever possible.”