Eastbourne woman gets cancer treatment reinstated


A woman from Eastbourne whose friends launched a petition when she was told she could not have life-saving treatment has had her funding for a stem cell transplant reinstated.

Thousands of people signed an online petition supporting Dr Harriet Scorer, a former gynaecologist and doctor who went to the High School and Eastbourne College.

Fifty-six-year-old Dr Scorer suffers from a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was told she could not have the life-saving operation because the NHS may have to pay for a drug that protects healthy people from HIV.

She has undergone months of chemotherapy to prepare her immune systems for the operation and was told this week, along with other sufferers of the rare blood cancer, that funding had been reinstated and she would have the operation within three weeks.

Dr Scorer’s friend Joanna Bright said supporters were delighted and thanked everyone who had signed the petition which called on the Government to instruct NHS England to reverse its sudden ban on stem cell transplantation.

Through Fair Funding for Stem Cell Transplants, a Facebook group set up to run alongside the petition, Joanna said, “None of us are in any doubt that the support everyone has all shown, and the pressure that has put on NHS England and the hospital, has been pivotal in getting the initial decision overturned.”

Dr Scorer grew up in Eastbourne, attended the High School from 1971-1975 and then Eastbourne College.