First of all this week I'd like to tell you about three events coming up in June so you can save the dates.

Friday, 26th May 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:27 pm
Shinewater Park Eastbourne, the lake. June 2011 ENGSNL00120110614095555

The Jo Cox Foundation has teamed up with The Big Lunch and come up with the wonderful idea of The Great Get-Together Weekend Friday June 16 to Sunday June 18. They are asking communities to arrange a neighbourhood celebration to get people together and commemorate Jo. Never one to ignore an opportunity to get people together, I have arranged a ‘pot luck lunch’ in Pevensey Bay on the June 18 12-3pm at Ethel Wood Community Centre. Bring a dish of food to share and come and meet your neighbours. There will also be a craft table for children, and if the weather is nice bring a picnic blanket and we can use the garden too.

In Eastbourne Helen McCabe has organised an afternoon of tea and crafts at the Seaside Community Hub on Saturday June 17 2-6pm. If you have any other events planned as part of this weekend email [email protected]

Also, to celebrate Volunteers Week we have organised a Community Group Networking Event at Tesco in Lottbridge Road on June 9 7-9pm. It will be held in their new community space. If you are a volunteer in Pevensey or Eastbourne or involved in community work do pop in and say hi. Bring info about what you do. At 7.30pm there will be some talks that might be useful to your work and there will be lots of networking going on. Refreshments will be available and a great raffle too!

Now Kim McKenzie wants to tell you about Shinewater Park. Did you know that Shinewater Park in Eastbourne is a beautiful nature reserve full of wildlife in an amazing marshland setting? And its right on our doorstep. As a keen wildlife photographer, I always have an eye open for wild animals, migrating birds, flowers and plant life. Having experienced illness, I understand how beneficial a connection with nature is to my wellbeing. Speaking to others unable to leave their homes made me realise that being able to share seasonal photographs of the wildlife at Shinewater Park would help keep people in touch with the natural environment even if they were unable to access it. I also hope to inspire others to visit the Park and experience it for themselves. With the help of volunteers at Helen Owen Marketing Enterprise I have opened a public gallery on Shinewater Park website for those who visit this beautiful park and lake. We are looking for anything to do with nature in the park, and that the photos are recent (from 2016 onward). Email your photos to [email protected] To view the gallery go to http://shinewaterpark.co.uk/gallery-2/ For information, contact Chances4change Eastbourne: [email protected] The entrance to Shinewater Park is on Larkspur Drive, BN23 8AT and is served by bus routes 1A or 501, as well as being on Cycle route 21.