Eastbourne vets’ warning after dog eats strange pellets

Friston Forest
Friston Forest

An Eastbourne-based veterinary practice has issued a warning after a dog ate strange pellets found on a walk.

St Anne’s Veterinary Group said the animal had ingested the multi-coloured pellets, which were placed with bread at the foot of trees in Butchers Hole, Friston Forest.

Concerned the items, which resembled slug pellets, could be poisonous, the vets said vomiting was induced to prevent absorption of the product.

It was later discovered it was bird food, which – although not toxic – contains high amounts of fat which can cause pancreatitis and be fatal for dogs.

A spokesperson from St Anne’s told the Herald the dog is now fine but people still need to be aware and watch out for items like this when walking their pets.

They added that the dog’s owner has since removed the pellets they could see in that area.

Call the vets on 01323 640011 if you are worried your dog has eaten anything suspicious.