Eastbourne Town Hall staff prepare to up sticks

Eastbourne Town Hall
Eastbourne Town Hall

TOWN Hall staff are being moved into new offices so Eastbourne Borough Council can make more money hiring the historic venue out to local groups.

Around 30 members of staff will up sticks and move to the authority’s offices at nearby 1 Grove Road during the second phase of cost-cutting plans to relocate workers.

The scheme has already seen staff moved from the council’s former offices at 68 Grove Road to the refurbished offices at the other end of Grove Road.

And councillors hope this latest staffing shift will mean more community groups will use the Town Hall for meetings or events.

Cllr David Tutt, leader of the borough council, confirmed the move during a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday.

He said, “By moving staff to 1 Grove Road we will be able to explore better uses of the Town Hall, both to support the community and to raise much-needed income in challenging economic times.

“Our aim is to give local community groups far easier access to the Town Hall, and to turn it into a thriving community hub.

“Clearly, it is important that the Town Hall continues to generate funds for the council and this will be balanced with the needs of the community.”

Staff at the council’s theatres, the Towner Art Gallery and the Tourist Information Centre have been told they will not – as previously suggested – be relocated.

The first stage of the move was completed back in March and council staff estimate it will save the authority around £340,000 a year.

As well as moving staff, other initiatives are being introduced – including getting employees to scan documents in order to cut back on the use of paper – a move which should save around £20,000 a year.

Town Hall staff are expected to complete their move within the next 12 months.