Eastbourne Teacher is now children’s author

Wendy Jarvis. Pic by Bella Grace
Wendy Jarvis. Pic by Bella Grace

A TEACHER-turned-author from Eastbourne has released her first children’s novel, a dynamic tale using time travel to explore the importance of confronting fears.

Wendy Jarvis, who goes by the pen name Teagan Ridgeway, lives in Eastbourne and William Westerleigh and the Secret Time Tunnel is her first book to be published.

She says she took inspiration for the first book from her experience as a pupil at a school in St Leonards-on-Sea and from her 12 years spent working in schools. The story deals with human themes such as greed, love and friendship, good versus evil, loss and reunion and the importance of confronting fears, all set within the context of a fast-paced, action-packed, thoroughly entertaining story.

Wendy said, “Children can lack the self-belief that is so crucial to their happiness. Time travel is an idea I have always loved and it works as a hook to involve children in a story that aims to help them build their confidence and believe in themselves more.”

The plot deals with William’s attachment to his late grandfather as he searches for him through time and Wendy says writing the story helped her work through her own grief for her father.

She said, “The idea for this book came from my own experiences at school and because my father died when I was very young. Writing the book was a bit of a healing process for me. It is like my work has been my own form of time travel. The idea of transcending time and space to face your fears and to search for someone you love is something that appeals to me.”

Wendy says she drew on her love of science fiction and fantasy novels to create William Westerleigh and the Secret Time Tunnel,

Wendy worked in schools for 12 years, teaching English to pupils from all over the world, was head of an international college and a marketing director travelling to places such as Hong Kong and China.

Wendy now writes full-time and says she loves creating new characters.

William Westerleigh and the Secret Time Tunnel is available from Gardners Books and from Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition. It is the first book in a trilogy.