Eastbourne school criticised by education watchdogs

Causeway School, Larkspur Drive, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-161013-101337008
Causeway School, Larkspur Drive, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-161013-101337008

A damning Ofsted report has been published this morning highlighting failures at an Eastbourne secondary school.

Causeway School in Larkspur Drive has been told by education inspectors it requires improvement in four key areas and an emergency executive board and consultant headteachers have been brought in by concerned officials.

The school was praised for its pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare but criticised over performance and attainment issues.

The inspector said, “Leaders have not been able to secure improvements to pupil outcomes as quickly as is needed.

“Standards by the end of Year 11 have remained stubbornly low for a number of years, and are only just beginning to improve. Leaders do not evaluate the impact of actions quickly or carefully enough, so the rate of improvement is impeded.

“They try to do too much at once, rather than prioritising what makes the biggest difference to learning and progress.

“The quality of teaching is inconsistent across the school.”

The inspectors did find that the “curriculum and learning culture have been transformed to meet the needs of learners, and equip them well for future learning”.

“Leaders and governors share a common ethos based on deep learning, and remain committed to doing whatever it takes to secure long-term

improvement,” said the report.

“The headteacher and his team have remained resolute in this goal, despite significant staffing challenges.”

In a letter home to parents headteacher Gene Payne said, “There have been significant and positive changes to the school in recent years, many of which were recognised by Ofsted, however, governors, the senior leadership team and I agree there are areas in which the school needs to improve.

“I recognise that, as headteacher, I have not secured improvements to pupil outcomes as quickly as needed.”

Earlier this week it was revealed an interim executive board including former Willingdon headteacher Ian Junguis had been brought in at the school.

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