Eastbourne’s reaction to Sussex Police cuts

Deputy chief constable Olivia Pinkney with chief constable Giles York SUS-140915-104839001
Deputy chief constable Olivia Pinkney with chief constable Giles York SUS-140915-104839001

The public’s reaction to cuts at Sussex Police has seen many voice concerns about the future of policing in the county.

Last week, Chief Constable Giles York announced the force needed to save £56m by 2020, and shared his vision of the new local policiing model.

It included new mobile technology, a resolution centre, more fluid borders for local policing, but also 1,000 job cuts in the force.

Alison Cushing wrote into the Herald, and said, “Another disaster in the making is on its way to go with the one which leaves us with a severely depleted defence force.

“Having decided that almost every town/village in the area must accept the building of hundreds of new houses, the Government now decrees that policing must save 56 million by 2020.

“What is the thinking behind such an impossible task and did the Conversations go like this - “what shall we do? I know, let’s cover ALL of Sussex not just one patch AND let’s open a “Resolution Centre” manned by cheap untrained staff (better still volunteers) who can tell the general public where to go - that sounds like a plan........”

“If on the other hand as stated by our Chief Constable the “quality of policing will not change” it must mean that a lot of staff at present are contributing nothing at all.”

UKIP parliamentary candidate for Eastbourne, Nigel Jones also aired his views on the matter.

“Last week the Herald published my letter pointing out that planned Conservative Defence cuts are putting the safety of the nation (and the jobs of Eastbourne’s servicemen and women) at risk.

“The same issue carried Sussex Police’s Chief Constable Giles York’s admission that his Service will axe 1,000 jobs - 500 of them frontline officers - over the next five years.

“Absurdly Mr York spun the line that these savage cuts will mean no change in ‘the quality of Policing’. If we believe that, we’ll believe anything. Criminals in our county must be rubbing their hands in glee.

“We now know what the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition has in store for us: less defence, less security and more undetected crime.”

Readers also took to the Herald’s Facebook page to air their views.

Guy Soper said, “Great time to move into crime then, as long as it’s not a ‘priority’ crime.”

Jacqui Goring said, “Unbelievable! My Dad would turn in his grave! He was a policeman in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Police were much more visible on the streets then.”

Kevin Day wrote, “Don’t despair folks, this is all part of their new module for policing, there will be curfew’s from dusk to dawn, there will be no alcohol allowed in the County, drug possession will result in imprisonment on one of the disused platforms out at sea, burglary rates will drop instantly because everyone is at home.....Last one to leave please turn the lights off.”

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