Eastbourne’s digital TV switchover is now complete

DIGITAL television switchover is now complete after all analogue channels were turned off in the early hours of Wednesday (June 13).

All analogue television channels were switched off for good today, signalling the dawn of an all-digital era for more than 280,000 households across East Sussex and parts of Kent.

Analogue BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel Five were turned off permanently last night at the Hastings, Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells transmitter groups, enabling extra channels to be broadcast from 17 local relay transmitters serving thousands of homes.

This comes after BBC2 was turned off on May 30.

The changes also affect existing Freeview viewers who may find some of their channels missing on Wednesday morning. The services have moved to new frequencies and can be restored by retuning Freeview television and boxes.

Staff at Old Town television store Davis said they had been rushed off their feet in the past few weeks.

Neil Stephens, sales manager, said, “It has been very, very busy but we are starting to get there with it now.

“The main problem has been a lack of understanding on how to use it. Even down to the buttons on the Freeview remote being too small.”

Neil explained there had been some ‘teething problems’ on Wednesday during the day.

He added, “Half way through our retunes ITV turned off so we had to go back to a few houses and retune again.“

However, those new to digital television are not quite out of the woods yet because Neil said there would be a retune on June 27 and the possibility of another later in the year.

Digital UK have been advertising the switchover on television and in the press for many months and it is thought hundreds of thousands of people are now watching Freeview for the first time.