Eastbourne reservoir – the oldest in the south east – to get a £300,000 makeover

Paradise Reservoir is on downland off Paradise Drive
Paradise Reservoir is on downland off Paradise Drive

The oldest reservoir in the South East Water network is to get a £300,000 makeover to ensure it continues to provide top-quality drinking water to people living in Eastbourne and the surrounding area for decades to come.

Paradise Reservoir, built on downland in 1869, is to be completely re-lined in a six month project commencing later in May.

Eastbourne Borough Council has granted South East Water permission to construct two temporary compounds to store plant and machinery during the work and the company is warning the public to be vigilant if accessing the Downs via its private track from Paradise Drive while heavy machinery is being moved daily to and from the site.

South East Water Project Manager Mark Gelinski said, “The downland near the reservoir site is used extensively by walkers and cyclists and we want to ensure the safety of everyone who may be in the area when our heavy equipment is being moved to and from the storage compounds.

“We will be installing signage warning local people of the dangers present on our private access track from Paradise Drive but everyone should stay alert.

“We also apologise to people living nearby for any noise during the construction work and we hope local residents will appreciate the long term benefit of refurbishing this important local landmark.”

The project forms part of South East Water’s £424 million investment programme between 2015 and 2020.