Eastbourne provides '˜best value break' in south east

Eastbourne gives holidaymakers the '˜best value break' in the south east - and the eighth best in the UK.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 3:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 3:32 pm
Eastbourne Pier. Photo courtesy of VisitEastbourne SUS-170116-131033001
Eastbourne Pier. Photo courtesy of VisitEastbourne SUS-170116-131033001

That’s according to travel website Trivago, which has released its latest findings this week.

The average cost of a hotel night in Eastbourne is just £87. London tops the UK’s most expensive destinations at almost double the price with an average of £156.

Eastbourne Borough Council’s tourism spokesperson Councillor Margaret Bannister welcomed the news – and argued that the findings don’t mean the town doesn’t have enough top price hotels.

“We know Eastbourne attracts a high level of repeat business, and one of the reasons for this is our excellent value for money,” she said.

“With a lively conference, events and entertainment programme which runs 365 days of the year and Britain’s best sunshine record, this allows the majority of hotels in Eastbourne to compete all year round, unlike some destinations, with some great deals and exclusive packages to be had outside of the peak season.

“It’s not just about hotel prices though, with so many free events and attractions to discover, including the South Downs National Park, resorts such as Eastbourne are increasing in popularity for frequent, quick getaways, in the face of rising costs when travelling abroad.

“An average of £87 across the entire year really isn’t that cheap when you take into consideration that we operate 365 days of the year, unlike many resorts up and down the country.

“We are also competing against major cities that are hugely popular all year round, whatever the weather.

“Eastbourne hotels are very adept at using a variety of price points during the year to increase their trading season – this means there are some great deals to be had in January, but August will still attract a premium price.

“Furthermore these statistics include only online UK bookings, which tend to be more last minute, whereas our rapidly growing base of international visitors prefer to book much further ahead and tend to pay more overall.

“After some busy summers, encouraging off-season and mid-week visits is now our main priority with great value packages, so this announcement from Trivago which shows our competitive edge, is actually great news for us in terms of raising our profile and increasing visits during the off-season.”

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