Eastbourne police officers' Hot Fuzz moment chasing renegade swan

Eastbourne police rescued a loose swan causing issues on a road, in a caper which to some resembled a popular comedy film.

Monday, 26th November 2018, 10:17 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:08 pm
Sergeant Angel and PC Butterman dealing with the loose swan in Hot Fuzz

PCSOs Clarke and Raczynska swooped to the scene in the Langney Rise Seaside Roundabout area after the large bird was spotted causing problems.

The swan was safely taken to a nearby field and a local wildlife rescue was made aware of the situation.

PCSO Ania Raczynska told the Herald, “When we arrived it was already off the road – however, we escorted it securely to the field nearby. It did not have any visible injuries and otherwise seemed to be fine just swanning around.”

"No look catching those swans then?" Eastbourne PCSOs were called to a swan incident which reminded some of Hot Fuzz

Eastbourne Police were quick to point out the incident’s similarities with a scene in Hot Fuzz, the police film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The scene sees sergeant Nicholas Angel receive a call from a Mr PI Staker stating ‘the swan’s escaped’, and hilarity ensues as Angel with his sidekick PC Danny Butterman attempt to catch the swan.