Eastbourne police give advice on how to stay safe this Christmas

How to stay safe this Christmas and protect yourself from heartless thieves is the message from Eastbourne Police this week.

PC Jon Attfield talked to the Herald about how people can be safe this Christmas and not end up empty handed or behind bars.

PC Jon Attfield

PC Jon Attfield

“With Christmas time coming along it’s important that everyone takes extra precautions,” said PC Attfield.

“People should make sure to keep their cars, sheds and everything else locked so they’re not inviting any unwelcome guests into their home.”

Also, for those planning to go out this Christmas, PC Attfield advises that people “look after each other and look after the people that you’re with”.

Drink driving is also a main focus this year so the police will also be keeping an eye out for those driving to work in the mornings as they may still be over the limit.

This comes at a time when drink drivers are being named and shamed in the media if caught behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs.