Eastbourne Places: The Royal Hippodrome Theatre

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre is the oldest theatre in Eastbourne.

The theatre was built in 1883 by Victorian architect C.J.Phipps, who also designed the Savoy in London.

Originally he wanted to build the theatre on the western side of town where the Devonshire Park Theatre now is. However planning was stopped due to the Duke of Devonshire not wanting a theatre there. He then planned to build it on Seaside Road where it still stands to this day and remains reasonably unchanged.

During World War Two, the theatre escaped serious bomb damage although shops across the road were less fortunate.

The auditorium of the theatre is listed.

Over the years there have been many famous acts which have performed at the Hippodrome. These include Sir Bruce Forsyth, Charlie Chaplin and the great Harry Houdini.