Eastbourne mum’s trauma as son, two, accidentally cuts off finger

Melissa Organ with her son Tate Organ-Fuller and daughter Caitlyn-Page Fuller at their home in Eastbourne
Melissa Organ with her son Tate Organ-Fuller and daughter Caitlyn-Page Fuller at their home in Eastbourne

A mother said she was traumatised when her two-year-old’s son’s finger was severed by a door hinge.

Melissa Organ, of Spencer Road, said her son, Tate, was bleeding and crying – with his finger hanging on ‘by a thread’ after the accident on Wednesday (February 15).

She said, “There was blood everywhere. He was in a lot of pain, he was screaming and screaming.”

The mother said she desperately tried to help her toddler and young daughter, Caitlyn-Paige, who was very upset about the whole situation.

She said, “Luckily, a lovely gentleman – named Steve – who was a qualified first aider was passing by and he helped.

“He rang the ambulance and stayed with me the whole time. Then, when it said there would be a two hour wait, he drove us to hospital himself.

“We were all very distressed and upset.”

Tate’s finger was stitched back together in an emergency operation, but doctors said they will have to wait to see if he has lost any nerves.

Miss Organ said the children were outside a shop with her partner while she went inside.

Then, six-year-old Caitlyn- Paige decided to come inside and slipped on the floor, causing the door to slam and Tate’s fingers to be caught in the hinge. Miss Organ said, “She opened the door and slipped on the inside. The door closed, and my son’s fingers had been in the hinges.

“He didn’t scream straight away, as he’s partially deaf. He did a silent cry for ages.

“When I realised what had happened I dropped everything I was holding on the floor and ran to him.

“I didn’t know what was wrong at first as there was blood everywhere and he had his hand in his mouth.

“Then I saw it. I was nearly sick – his finger was hanging off. He had a mini black-out because of the pain and shock.

“His middle finger is broken, the whole top was hanging off by a thread.”

She added, “It was horrible. My daughter is traumatised and blaming herself, but it wasn’t her fault, it was just an accident.”

Tate was taken to East Grinstead Hospital and luckily did not lose his middle finger. His mother said, “I was in a state. I couldn’t thank the man enough for coming to help and taking us to hospital.

“It’s been a traumatic few days. It’s quite upsetting to see your child like that.

“He’s only two, and he doesn’t talk so he can’t tell you if he can feel his finger. We will have to wait and see.”

Parents should always see a doctor right away if their child injures the tip of a finger or thumb. Fingertips contain many nerves and are extremely sensitive.