Eastbourne mum’s ‘horrific pain’ leads to campaign and desperate plea

Sling the Mesh campaigner Kate Langley SUS-181127-121335001
Sling the Mesh campaigner Kate Langley SUS-181127-121335001

An Eastbourne mum who has been campaigning to Sling the Mesh has set up a Go Fund Me page for the cause.

Kate Langley, along with more than 7,000 other women had vaginal mesh fitted after suffering from mild bladder weakness following the birth of her two children. Unfortunately the mesh has caused her horrific pain and she has been campaigning ever since.

She said, “I have become so desperate for help that I have decided to ask my friends, family and even people who don’t know me for help.

“This has been a difficult decision to ask but I can no longer bear the daily pain that I suffer with.”

The campaign against the mesh, know as TVT, started a few years ago and has received a large amount of media attention in a bid to raise awareness and encourage the government to stop this operation.

Kate added, “Amazingly in July 2018 after our campaigning the operation has currently been suspended which is amazing but we are now desperate for a permanent ban to end anymore horrific suffering.”

Kate’s nightmare started in 2012 when she had the TVT inserted.

She said, “Little did I know this decision was to alter my future life drastically. “

Since having the procedure, she has endured more than 50 hospital admissions suffering agonising pain.

She says the mesh has become ‘hardened and sharp like a cheese wire’. It has cut through her vagina, urethra, oburator nerve and bladder.

She said, “I’ve had to call more ambulances than I can remember due to collapsing in agony, suffering with childbirth like contraction pain needing IV morphine.”

Kate, having already undergone three removal operations, needs further surgery to give her a pain-free future. Visit www.gofundme.com/kate-langley039s-barbaric-mesh-mess to help.