Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd resigns whip: Lib Dems ‘sorry’ to see him go

Stephen Lloyd after winning the general election in 2016 as a Lib Dem (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Stephen Lloyd after winning the general election in 2016 as a Lib Dem (Photo by Jon Rigby)

The Liberal Democrats have responded to the announcement Stephen Lloyd MP has resigned the party whip today (December 6).

Mr Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon, announced he would be effectively quitting the Parliamentary party due to disagreements over Brexit.

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In a statement, a spokesperson for the party said they are ‘sorry’ to see the politician go but reaffirmed their commitment to campaign to stay in the European Union.

It says, “We respect what we know was a difficult decision for Stephen ahead of next week’s vote and are sorry to see him go.

“Liberal Democrats are clear that we will be voting against Theresa May’s deal.

“The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for an exit from Brexit and a People’s Vote where people can choose to remain in the European Union since the referendum was held. We will continue to fight for this in Parliament.”

Stephen Lloyd cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ between keeping his promise to the people of Eastbourne to respect the referendum result, and his party’s official policy to oppose Brexit in his resignation statement.

He also spoke out about facing ‘considerable pressure’ to change his mind from ‘outside groups’.

A poster van was seen around Eastbourne at the weekend calling on Mr Lloyd to vote against the Brexit Deal and an event hosted by Remainer Lord Andrew Adonis criticised the MP for his stance.

A Labour peer, Lord Adonis reacted to Mr Lloyd’s resignation saying, “What a betrayal of your voters and party.”