Eastbourne MP speaks out on town’s air pollution

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd speaking in the House of Commons
Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd speaking in the House of Commons

Eastbourne’s MP has responded to a report which says the town has among the highest air pollution levels in Britain.

The report, released this week by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), says Eastbourne has 15 micrograms of toxic particles per cubic metre of air – compared to the World Health Organisation (WHO) limit of 10.

It states people in the town regularly breathe in a dangerously high 50 per cent more of the lethal particles than is healthy.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “When I saw this report I was absolutely horrified. I’m aware that the unusual geographical positioning of Eastbourne has lead in the past to spikes in air-pollutants but was taken back by the media report which indicated our town was notably high in this regard.

“Consequently I contacted the council immediately for their response and they said, ‘we don’t recognise this to be the case and are very concerned to read the report.

“‘The leader of the council will be writing to the WHO to seek a meeting to view their evidence.’

“I look forward to hearing from the council once they’ve liaised with the WHO.

“The new research findings published by the WHO indicated that a staggering 44 major UK towns and cities apparently breach their guidelines on air quality.

“Clearly this is something we need to understand better so that the right, practical actions can be taken to address the problem properly.”