Eastbourne MP: Russia showing apparent ‘utter contempt for international law’


Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd has condemned the attempted murder of two Russians on UK soil as an ‘outrageous act’ showing ‘utter contempt for international law’.

He said, “This matters as it shows firstly that Russia (Putin) believe they can act with impunity inside the jurisdiction of another country and simply ignore the international rule of law which has, broadly, been the glue holding us all together for the last 70 years.

“Secondly they’re sending a clear message to any Russian dissident around the world that wherever you live – we will come and get you. This is very dangerous and a direct threat to stable governance. “Theresa May made a powerful statement condemning the attack and listed a number of steps the government will be taking in response.

We’ll have to wait and see just how effective they are. Meanwhile, to be frank, Jeremy Corbyn had a bad session and the glum silence of his own backbenchers as he spoke was clear to all of us in the Chamber.”