Eastbourne MP explains why he voted against Government Brexit bill

Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon SUS-170614-095516001
Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne and Willingdon SUS-170614-095516001

Eastbourne’s MP has explained why he voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill in Parliament last night (Monday).

The Government won by 36 votes in the second reading of its bid to extract EU Law from UK Law as Britain leaves the European Union.

Those opposing the bill, including Labour, have described it as a ‘power grab’.

Stephen LLoyd MP said, “I voted against because I think it’s a bad Bill and will give the executive enormous power.

“It will allow ministers to change things where they think it is ‘appropriate’, in theory that makes their decisions even exempt to proper legal challenge.

“It could also allow the government to amend legislation without recourse to parliament, which I profoundly believe is simply wrong in a parliamentary democracy.

“Some noises off will try to say I broke the promise I made to Eastbourne. I have not, and I never will. I was crystal clear that although I am a Remainer myself,

“I promised Eastbourne I would accept the result of the referendum, not support calls for a second one, and that I’ll vote for the eventual Brexit Bill in two years time when it’s back from the negotiations. And I will, on all counts!

“Meanwhile I’ll do all I can to lobby the government to get as sensible a Brexit as possible for our nation and that includes voting against an over-powerful executive.

“We have a long history of bad governmental decisions when their is a lack of proper parliamentary scrutiny...”

The bill now moves on to its next Parliamentary stage.