Eastbourne motorists urged to slow down in heavy rain


Drivers are being urged to slow down in the bad weather that is affecting Sussex today (Wednesday).

Two vehicles rolled off the A27 to the west of the county this morning in heavy rain and were wrecked.

With further wind and rain expected to hit Sussex through the week, police are warning motorists to drive according to the conditions - more slowly, increasing their stopping distances and using their lights and windscreen wipers.

Inspector Stewart Goodwin said: “There have been a number of shunts this morning because of drivers not taking care in the conditions and the two crashes on the A27 could have been far worse.

“In both cases the drivers have been lucky not to have been more seriously injured as they each lost control of their vehicles.

“Please take care in the bad weather. Leaves falling off the trees are making the road surface slippy and the heavy rain has caused flooding on many roads that is causing vehicles to aquaplane on them.

“Be aware of standing water, especially on roads with faster speed limits. Slow down and make sure you get to your destination in one piece.”