Eastbourne man jailed for killing pet cat


An Eastbourne man has been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for strangling a friend’s pet cat to death.

Radoslaw Stefaniak, 35, of Cavendish Place, was found guilty in his absence of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and has been disqualified from keeping animals for life.

The court heard that the defendant was found holding the body of the grey and white cat named Furbie on November 28. Furbie had belonged to his friend.

In interview, the defendant said that he had held the cat down after she had scratched him, but the post mortem revealed that the cat had bruising around her neck, consistent with strangulation.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Kirby said, “I can only hope that the sentence sends out the message that treating an animal like this won’t be tolerated. Furbie suffered a distressing and painful death that was completely unnecessary.

“I would like to thank Sussex police who also worked on this investigation and helped to bring this person to justice.”