Eastbourne man cracks it with phone fixing business

Josh Barbarinde. Photo by Jenny Lewis
Josh Barbarinde. Photo by Jenny Lewis

An entrepreneur from Eastbourne who set up his own smart phone repair service and employs ex-offenders has been named Social Enterprise of the Year at the prestigious Centre for Social Justice Awards.

Cracked It is the brainchild of 24-year-old Josh Babarinde, who went to St Thomas a Becket, Stafford, Cavendish and Sussex Downs and worked at Picasso’s in Eastbourne before moving to London to study politics at the London School of Economics.

After that he set up Cracked It and his phone screen fixers have also trained Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on how to use a smartphone.

His technicians staff pop-up phone repair clinics in large workplaces including Barclays, Lloyds and Universal. After several months with the company, Cracked It supports its youth to transition into permanent work in the wider world.

Some 120 young people have been through Cracked It’s training programme, with two thirds of graduates moving into education, training or employment within six months. Eight in 10 do not reoffend within the same period.

Josh said, “Smartphone owners are sick of how inconvenient it can be to get their broken screens repaired. We hit the sweet spot because we go direct to the customer at their workplace, complete the repair there and then, and help change lives all at the same time. We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve had to get here – especially from social enterprise programme Year Here which launched us in 2016.”