Eastbourne lifeboat called out to injured skipper

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Eastbourne lifeboat was launched last night (Wednesday) at 10.40pm to go to the assistance of the skipper of a beam trawler who had suffered a nasty accident with an angle grinder.

The beam trawler was working four miles off Eastbourne when a discarded anchor got caught up in their gear. The skipper of the vessel suffered an injury to his hand trying to remove the obstruction.

The crew contacted Dover Coastguard for advice and guidance and it was agreed they should head for Sovereign Harbour to

offload the skipper for medical attention.

A lifeboat spokesperson said, “With the skipper incapacitated, the crew were concerned about entering a strange port at low tide so it was decided to launch Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat with a paramedic on board to rendezvous with the casualty.

“With prior knowledge of the developing situation a crew was assembled including professional paramedic Guy Emery. When the decision to launch the ALB was made they were able to be on scene within a few minutes of the request.

“Guy was transferred to the trawler and administered first aid and casualty care. When the skipper had sufficiently recovered he was transferred to the ALB and returned to Sovereign Harbour where he was passed to a waiting ambulance and taken to Eastbourne DGH for further treatment. It was later confirmed his injuries were unpleasant but not likely to cause long term problems.”