Eastbourne hotelier fined thousands in tax dispute

Mr Gulzar on Eastbourne Pier (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Mr Gulzar on Eastbourne Pier (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Hotelier and Eastbourne Pier owner Abid Gulzar has been fined thousands of pounds in connection with a tax dispute involving some of his companies.

Abid Gulzar, 73, of Grand Parade, was fined £8,000 plus costs for failing to pay £61,873 security bonds after he was sent a Notice of Requirement in March 2017 to protect against any future tax defaults based on previous trading history, which he admitted he had received.

His two businesses, Mansion Lions Hotel Ltd and Albany Lions Hotel Ltd, were each also hit with £4,000 fines after failing to pay £39,686 and £22,187 respectively for Pay As You Earn and National Insurance Contributions security to HMRC.

Richard Wilkinson at HMRC’s fraud investigations said, “HMRC made numerous attempts to engage with Mr Gulzar, who was trading illegally as he failed to pay the security bonds and then tried to thwart the prosecution.”

Mr Gulzar admitted the charges.