Eastbourne Homes chief executive joins inspection

Neighbourhood teams carried out the inspection
Neighbourhood teams carried out the inspection

Tim Harris, the interim chief executive of Eastbourne Homes, joined the Neighbourhoods team for their quarterly estate inspection in the Cavalry Crescent area of Old Town.

The inspections are carried out to identify issues requiring action from general repairs to untidy gardens.

The team, which included newly appointed Eastbourne Homes board member Hubert Benjamin and council Neighbourhood First officer Emma Jordan, met with local Neighbourhood Officer Harriet Fitzgerald to address any concerns and make suggestions for improvement.

Mr Harris said, “Our estate inspections are an excellent way of engaging directly with tenants and other partners to hear any concerns and to ensure the standard of living on our estates is maintained and improved.

“Having a member of the council’s new Neighbourhood First team along is extremely useful and allows us to work together to address other issues such as anti-social behaviour and environmental issues such as litter.

“Occasionally we have to remind tenants of their responsibility to maintain their homes in accordance with their tenancy agreements, but also identify ways we can help them if needed.”