EASTBOURNE ELECTIONS 2015: Photo gallery and biogs of Upperton ward candidates

There are 13 candidates vying for three seats in Upperton ward in the Eastbourne Borough Council elections on Thursday May 7.

All of the council’s 27 seats are up for grabs and the town will also vote for a Member of Parliament.

The candidates standing in Upperton and their biographies are below. Their photos can also be seen in the video.

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Diane Mulkeirins

“I was born in Eastbourne and love living here. My background in business and my personal experience will enable me to serve those in Upperton. I am passionate about the future of Eastbourne and also the protection of our local heritage. I am proud to represent the people of Upperton.”

Adrian Platt

“I grew up in Eastbourne including Upperton, and am keen to be a strong representative of our wonderful community. I am passionate about education, having gone to school here and worked in that sector locally. I am active in the local community including in sports at Willingdon Cricket Club.”

Annabelle West

“I have been honoured to represent the residents of Upperton Ward. With my active Christian faith, background in business, the magistracy and voluntary sector, including being deputy leader of the opposition, I am committed to the residents of Upperton and with your support would like to continue to serve you.”


Alex Hough

Alex is a chartered physiotherapist having worked at the DGH, Brighton, London and abroad. Currently, she is a freelance lecturer. Alex has lived in Eastbourne for 18 years and has been a councillor previously and was Eastbourne’s Disability Champion. She particularly enjoyed the casework and is still advocating for several disabled residents.


Elizabeth Goude

“I run a volunteer-led group working with people recovering from strokes and volunteer at Eastbourne Foodbank. My concern is equal opportunities, particularly for women, children and the vulnerable within our local community. I will campaign to help the 3,800 children living in poverty in Eastbourne and to improve social housing.”

Simon Millar

“A long time Eastbourne resident, I am agitated by the ongoing government cuts and the gradual erosion and privatisation of our NHS and public services. Educated and now raising a family in Eastbourne, I want to see the town become a community we can all be proud of once more.”

Matthew Quanstrom

Matt has spent most of his life living in Eastbourne and is a recent university graduate. He said, “The Lib­Con attack on young people though the destruction of EMA and the raising of tuition fees shows the callous heart of this government. We should value our status as a university town.”

Liberal Democrats

Sammy Choudhury

Well-known former Eastbourne restauranteur and keen sportsman, Sammy enjoys football, badminton and volleyball. A community campaigner and avid reader of history and politics, Sammy says, “Decisions are best when we listen to local people and give them a greater say in the decisions that affect them and their local area.”

Pat Rodohan

Former hotelier and active member of the Federation of Small Businesses, Pat lives locally in Gorringe Road. A former borough councillor, he has more than 30 years of community service. Currently the county councillor for Upperton, Pat says he has earned the reputation for working hard for the area and putting the interests of local people first.

Margaret Salsbury

A former nurse, Margaret is standing in Upperton where her four children went to school. She was a borough councillor in Sovereign ward and deputy mayor in 2010. With an Advance Diploma in Community Development, Margaret says she has the knowledge and a proven record of working with local people to find local solutions to local problems.


Charlotte Clifford

As a parent living in Eastbourne, Charlotte thinks it is criminalthe DGH has lost paediatric care and specialist maternity care to Hastings, when new housing estates are being built in the fastest growing town on the south coast. Her children’s career opportunities are a concern with high youth unemployment.

Clive Jennings

Clive is a seasoned, award-winning campaigner, aged 64 who has travelled the world, visited 71 counties and chair of many past committees. He was the area safety and legal officer for Royal Mail for 17 years and says if elected, he will fight to improve the pavements and roads. He also believes promenades are for people, not for bikes and safety is a right, not a privilege.

Rita Rolt

Rita has lived in Upperton for five years and says she wants to hold regular meetings so the residents of Upperton, can voice their concerns about the ward. She believes that if workmen dig up the pavement, they should relay as the original design and has a passion about the rights of disabled people.