EASTBOURNE ELECTIONS 2015: Photo gallery and biogs of Sovereign candidates

There are 13 candidates vying for three seats in Sovereign ward in the Eastbourne Borough Council elections on Thursday May 7.

All of the council’s 27 seats are up for grabs and the town will also vote for a Member of Parliament.

The candidates standing in Sovereign and their biographies are below. Their photos can also be seen in the video.

For more on candidates in other wards of Eastbourne click here.



Raymond Blakeborough

“I believe in putting something back into Sovereign Harbour, where my family and I have lived for 15 years. As a retired businessman, I will support completing the Harbour, attracting investment to the Crumbles, and building the community. You will see me out and about – stop me for a chat.”

Penny Di Cara

I have lived in Eastbourne 31 years and since 2002 in Sovereign Harbour. I love this town where I raised my family and worked. Now retired, I am committed to playing my part in Eastbourne’s future – especially through the original harbour plan, and infrastructure for small businesses creating jobs for our young people.”

Gordon Jenkins

“It’s been an honour to represent the residents of Sovereign Ward, and to work with them on local and borough wide issues, from travellers to the water feature, from planning issues to pot-holes. Working together much has been achieved and I would like to be given the opportunity to continue.”


Robert Sier

Rob is a drainage engineer and has lived in Eastbourne since 2000. He says, “Climate change is a threat we, and future generations, face; something only the Green Party takes seriously. Sovereign ward is vulnerable to rising sea levels and the consequent risks of flooding. My 25 years of experience in the water industry will be invaluable to addressing these issues locally.”


Richard Goude

“The Tory-Lib Dem cuts have resulted in an increasingly polarised society and the £3 billion re-organisation has led to missed targets and maternity services cut at the DGH. I aim to take steps toward greater fairness and reduce pressures on schools. Only Labour policies can turn our town around.”

Samantha Lyster

Samantha is a journalist, and Eastbourne Labour Party’s women’s officer. She is passionate about encouraging people to register and use their vote, especially young people. As the mother of a young child she is also concerned about maternity rights and affordable childcare.

Sarah Richards

Sarah is a mother of two and concerned about safety in public places, especially in our parks and playgrounds. She supports neighbourhood policing and said, “I want to see the wasteful post of Police Commissioner abolished and the savings spent on more police. We all need to feel safer.”

Liberal Democrats

Barbara Leggett

A familiar face in Sovereign, Barbara is involved in many areas of the community. A committed church goer and singer, she is married to Alderman Albert Leggett. This is the first time Barbara has stood for election, and if elected Barbara says she would be an outstanding community champion for Sovereign.

Nick Maskelyne

Harbour resident Nick is standing for election for the first time. Drawn to Eastbourne politics because of the work Stephen Lloyd had done in the community, Nick says he would work closely with Stephen to ensure Sovereign is made even better under Lib Dem representation.

Anthony Somers

Anthony is standing for election for the first time and says heis thrilled to be seeking election in an area he loves. Anthony wants to champion the concerns of Sovereign and has vowed to work closely with Stephen Lloyd to make the area even better.


Nicola Burton

As a businesswoman with public sector experience, and as a playwright too, Nicola believes she is ideally positioned to bring added-value to Eastbourne, where the tourism offer needs what she calls revitalised enthusiasm and optimism to replace the jaded national image so often quoted in the press and on television.

Paul Keeble

Paul is married with two young sons and supervises security at Eastbourne District General Hospital, while his wife works in the ITU. Paul says they are therefore totally committed to fighting for the future of the EDGH and, having young children, are very concerned about standards of education, and adequate and effective policing.

Jean Spencer

With a business background in retail and leisure management, Jean says she has the skills set that can help steer Eastbourne in the direction of positive decision-making and improved results for the town and believes in true local democracy exercised by common sense solutions taken whenever appropriate.