EASTBOURNE ELECTIONS 2015: Photo gallery and biogs of Old Town ward candidates

There are 11 candidates vying for three seats in Old Town ward in the Eastbourne Borough Council elections on Thursday May 7.

All of the council’s 27 seats are up for grabs and the town will also vote for a Member of Parliament.

The candidates standing in Old Town and their biographies are below. Their photos can also be seen in the video.

For more on candidates in other wards of Eastbourne click here.



Anne Angel

“I am a long term resident of Old Town, with a track record in campaigning and business including as a former councillor and president of Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce. I will use my work and voluntary experience to stand up for Old Town residents and get things done.”

Graham Buchanan

“Originally from Scotland, I settled here with my family 10 years ago. I am active in local business, youth charity and community organisations. Campaigning against Lidl’s parking restrictions last year sparked my interest in fighting for local causes and I want to continue this in support of Old Town residents.”

Vivienne deHavilland-Gerraghty

“I was born in Eastbourne, lived here all my life and raised my daughters here – combined with my work in retail fashion. I am an active community campaigner in Old Town, where I live, including as a street coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch.


Rob Clarke

Rob, 33, is the father of an eight-year-old son with a new baby arriving just after the elections. A recent mortgaged home owner, Rob has worked in Eastbourne since 2003. He says he is a proud Unite Union workplace representative and committed to democracy, fairness and equality.

Labour and Co-operative

Jean Couture

“I come from a family of socialist activists and have thus been a lifelong supporter of the Labour and Cooperative parties. Since retiring from teaching I have been an active member moving from Peacehaven, where I was always a candidate for the local council, to Eastbourne six years ago.”

Paul Richards

Paul is a local father of two. He says he cares about local services, especially the parks, buses and NHS. He says it is a disgrace a town like Eastbourne has food banks and the council should do more to help people into work, and support the most vulnerable.

Sharon Wentworth

“I have lived in Eastbourne for nearly 30 years. As a qualified nurse I am angry about the uncaring attitude that David Cameron and the coalition have shown towards our health service. She says Eastbourne residents believe in their NHS and they deserve better and Eastbourne needs a change with Labour.”

Liberal Democrats

Janet Coles

Janet says she is well-known across Old Town as a community champion who works tirelessly for all residents. She is best known for her campaign to save the 55 Bus and says the fact it is still running is proof of the campaign’s success. Janet is currently Eastbourne’s mayor.

Jonathan Dow

Community champion Jonathan grew up in Old Town and is married with three children, who all attend schools in Old Town. He works locally and runs a successful business. He says he has a long history of dedicated community involvement and is a governor at two Old Town schools and a road safety campaigner.

John Ungar

John says he is a tireless campaigner who, as one of Old Town’s councillors, works hard for all residents in Old Town and at the forefront of many successful campaigns. More recently he says he persuaded both the borough council and the county council unanimously to back his call for a Shuttle Bus to run between the Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.


Robert Harper

“Dismayed that the local council missed a golden opportunity to have a new doctor’s surgery in Victoria Drive; that the town’s main thoroughfare is nationally described as unhealthy; that our local hospital is labelled inadequate; and that the local council prevaricates on important decisions while holding bloated reserves, I call for a change.”