EASTBOURNE ELECTIONS 2015: Photo gallery and biogs of Hampden Park ward candidates

There are 13 candidates vying for three seats in Hampden Park ward in the Eastbourne Borough Council elections on Thursday May 7.

All of the council’s 27 seats are up for grabs and the town will also vote for a Member of Parliament.

Ballot box NNL-140930-165811001

Ballot box NNL-140930-165811001

The candidates standing in Hampden Park and their biographies are below. Their photos can also be seen in the video.

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Simon Howe

Simon has lived in Hampden Park with his partner for a number of years and has been an active campaigner in the community for much of this time. Fighting for positive change, Simon stood in the recent county council elections offering what he called an alternative to the decline seen in our community.

Matthew Ireland

Matthew is a single father, whose son attends the Eastbourne Academy and formerly Heron Park schools. He says he truly knows the challenges facing the area and has been an avid supporter of local businesses, and works with local traders to get the best results possible for them. He also attends many community groups and coffee mornings to make sure he understands the needs and concerns of our local community.

Tom Liddiard

Tom has been a passionate campaigner in Hampden Park for many years. With five generations of his family living locally and having attended and latterly worked in local schools, he knows the challenges facing our community. An avid supporter of young people, Tom has worked with local Scout groups. He has been a councillor in Eastbourne for four years.


Ivor Hueting

Ivor is a former Tesco associate director with 20 years in management. Ivor and his wife Margaret form The Fostering Relationships Partnership, which offers specialised in-house training for foster carers and adoptive parents. They have lived in Hampden Park for more than 30 years and Ivor is currently a committee member of the Hampden Park Community Association.


Dave Poole

“I’m representing those who DO know and DO care about Hampden Park, which has been neglected for a long time now and the problems here now go beyond party politics. I have some big ideas for the area and I’m aiming high with a positive attitude and maybe some of these dreams can be realised. With cooperation, liaison and reinforcing the community spirit here. I’m sure a lot can be achieved for this wonderful village.”


Helen Key

Helen is a local resident, teacher and says she is passionate about Eastbourne and the welfare of all residents. As a former member of the Save the DGH Campaign she pledges to campaign tirelessly for immediate and long term improvements in the local NHS and protect services for the most vulnerable residents.

Eleanor Lambert

Ellie is a trainee teacher and also manages a small business part-time. She grew up in Hampden Park, attending local state schools. Ellie says she wants to provide better facilities and opportunities for young people and families in the community and will campaign for better access to mental health services for children and adults.

Douglas Skelly

“I have lived in Hampden Park for 20 years. Both my children have attended local schools and my wife and I work in education. My aim as your local Labour councillor would be to promote youth employment, protect our local railway station and local public services such as our library.”

Liberal Democrats

Patricia Hearn

A Hampden Park resident for 33 years, Pat has been its borough councillor for the past four. A mother and grandmother, Pat says she knows well the issues affecting her area and is deeply involved in many community activities. She takes an active role, working to improve the environment for residents of all ages.

Jim Murray

A carpentry lecturer at a local college, Jim Murray is seeking re-election for Hampden Park. Jim takes a keen interest in the future of young people in Eastbourne, and helps out at a number of youth groups and sporting events. Jim says he loves the community spirit in Hampden Park and he wishes to increase it further if re-elected.

Colin Swansborough.

Having lived and worked in Hampden Park for more than 25 years, community stalwart Colin Swansborough now wants to put back more into the community that is his home. He says he is passionate about fairness and making a difference – making him a very welcome addition to the Hampden Park Lib Dem team.


Paul Brown

As a UKIP councillor, Paul says he will always put the issues of Hampden Park first. He has lived and worked in Eastbourne for many years and believes councillors should only take decisions that will protect and improve the local environment and help return the town to its former glory.

Barry Wright

Barry is a local businessman who lives and works in Hampden Park with his wife and young son. He believes local councillors should take decisions rather than rely on highly paid outside consultants who he says may not always understand the desires of the local community. As a UKIP councillor, he pledges to take decisions based on local knowledge and community needs.