Eastbourne dog goes viral for flawless football skills

An Eastbourne dog went viral online after his owner shared a video of him showing off a ‘better touch’ than a Premier league footballer.

Ollie the British Bulldog stopped a ball with his rear legs and scurried off with it in the video which has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and lapped up by the likes of the Lad Bible.

Owner Cy Saunders posted it in a retort to Manchester United Football Club tweet during the Brighton match on Sunday which said, “Murray scores to put the home side ahead. 1-0.”

Cy replied, “My dog has a better first touch than Lukaku...”

Since then the tweet has got almost 500 likes and been retweeted almost 200 times. It featured on publications like the Lad Bible, SPORTBible, UniLad Sport and a number of websites and Instagram pages.

Cy said to the Herald, “I put it on when they went one nil down to Brighton. Within a couple of hours, SPORTBible wrote an article on it. I just kicked a ball in the air and he touches it.

Ollie the bulldog was not expecting to be an internet sensation

Ollie the bulldog was not expecting to be an internet sensation

“I wasn’t expecting [the reaction], my phone kept making noise so I wanted to delete it.”

He said three-year-old Ollie is a natural at the beautiful game, “He just did it straight away, I had no idea how he did it. I haven’t tried since.”

Cy is an Arsenal fan so was pleased with the result on Sunday (August 19).

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