Eastbourne councillors furious over plans for new cycle lane

L-R: Colin Murdoch, Tony Freebody and Colin Belsey at Willingdon Road
L-R: Colin Murdoch, Tony Freebody and Colin Belsey at Willingdon Road

Plans to implement bus and bicycle corridors through Ratton are being opposed by the area’s councillors.

The proposal, by the county council, would see cycle routes along Wish Hill and Coopers Hill with grass verges concreted over.

Colin Murdoch, Colin Belsey and Tony Freebody are urging people to go online or write to East Sussex County Council objecting to the environmental damage it will do to the Ratton Ward.

Councillor Freebody, leader of the Conservative group, said, “As a cyclist, I find these proposals unacceptable.

“Why on earth would you divert cyclists alongside Wish Hill and Coopers Hill? The roads are too narrow and there are too many blind bends.

“Before you know it, a cyclist will be seriously injured by an unsuspecting motorist.

“ESCC need to think again about the proposed route.”

While councillor Murdoch said, “I really cannot understand where this thinking has come from, ripping up the green verges and putting down tarmac is the last thing we want on the main road into Eastbourne.”

Colin Belsey, who is also the County Councillor for the area, said, “I am having so many emails and phone calls regarding this subject, there must be better ways to look at this problem.

“We are encouraging all our residents to be responding to the consultation and we will do all that we can to help them.”

The consultation ends on November 10. Local residents wanting to respond can do so at this link or write to the county council at www.consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/economy-transport-environment/hpemacphase1/consultation/intro/