Eastbourne councillor steps down

Cllr Gordon Jenkins 25th May 2011 E21157M ENGSNL00120110526173328
Cllr Gordon Jenkins 25th May 2011 E21157M ENGSNL00120110526173328

A Conservative member of Eastbourne council has stepped down over ongoing health issues.

Gordon Jenkins represents Sovereign Ward and resigned with effect from last Friday (November 30).

A spokesperson at the council said it was due to ongoing health reasons.

Mr Jenkins is one of three Conservatives representing residents in the Sovereign ward and has been on the council since May 2011 after moving to the town with his wife Jan.

He has a long illustrious career in politics both here and in London, is a prominent fundraiser and hard working member of the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour.

Normally the resignation of a councillor would spark a contest for the vacant seat but because his decision to step down is within six months of next year’s scheduled Eastbourne Borough Council elections, there will not be a by-election.

The seat will remain vacant until the full elections in May when all 27 seats on the council will be contested.

There are currently 18 Liberal Democrat councillors, seven Conservative and one Independent Conservative.

A spokesperson at the council said, “We would like to wish Gordon the best for the future and thank him for his years of service.”