Eastbourne could be affected by nuclear bomb attack on London

A NUCLEAR bomb attack on London would leave residents of Eastbourne nursing third degree burns.

A controversial new website (www.nuclearsecrecy.com) allows users to select a town or city to target and then shows the different degrees of damage and fallout which would result from the subsequent blast.

The online projection shows that were the capital to be hit by a 100 megaton bomb, not only would everyone within a two-mile radius be killed instantly, but the after effects would stretch all the way to Eastbourne.

Thermal radiation would go out as far as 47.88 miles – taking in this corner of East Sussex.

The website’s designer Alex Wellerstein, who teaches at top US university Harvard, said he uses the maps to bring the reality of nuclear weapons to life for shocked students.

The 30-year-old said, “What I like about the map is it makes the explosions look large and impressive, but it shows it isn’t the end of the world.

“I think a lot of people think a nuclear weapon goes off and everybody gets blown up or disappears.

“The reality is the buildings would collapse and you would be set on fire, which makes it real and scarier.

“I don’t think nuclear weapons will be gone any time soon, but I hope we don’t use them. The map is just laying out the facts of it.”