Eastbourne Community Speed Watch project gets go-ahead

PEOPLE in Eastbourne will soon be able to monitor the speed of motorists in their area after a new scheme was given the go-ahead.

Money has been set aside to buy a handheld speed device and safety equipment which will be needed for the Community Speed Watch project.

The scheme involves active members of the community joining together to monitor speed at selected locations in their area using an approved speed meter device.

Groups of at least two volunteers record the registration numbers of vehicles travelling at excess speed in both 30mph and 40mph zones.

The registration number, speed, place, date, time, vehicle type and the volunteers’ names are reported to the police who write to the owner pointing out that their vehicle was detected travelling in excess of the speed limit and asking them not to do it again.

If the same vehicle is detected speeding on a second occasion then a second letter is sent and if there is a third occasion a final letter is sent with a warning that the vehicle may be targeted by the police.

Eastbourne Borough Council Conservative councillor Tom Liddiard and Eastbourne Police Sergeant Fiona Munro have successfully applied for funding from the Community Safety Partnership to buy the device and safety equipment.

Cllr Liddiard said, “We are thrilled that this bid has been accepted. Speeding has been identified across the entire borough as an issue which needs addressing and each neighbourhood has its hot spots.

“Partnership working between the Community Safety Partnership, Sussex Police, especially Sgt Munro and the Upperton Panel, have made this scheme possible and shows that partnership working is flourishing for the benefit of the people of Eastbourne.”