Eastbourne College student kicked out for supplying drugs

A TEENAGER has been kicked out of an Eastbourne private school for supplying drugs to fellow pupils.

The boy was a student at Eastbourne College and is believed to have bought cannabis and given it to other boys during school holidays before being caught and asked to leave the prestigious independent school.

Other boys involved have been suspended after the drugs scandal broke during the recent half-term holiday.

Simon Davies, headmaster at the college where fees start a £5,765 a term, said the school had dealt with the matter, together with the boys’ parents, speedily and all had been placed on the school’s drugs education programme. In a letter home to parents, Mr Davies said a ‘very unfortunate event’ had occurred over half-term when a number of boys were involved with cannabis.

He said it was clear it was the boys’ first venture into trying to obtain and use drugs and the behaviour was ‘clumsy, naive and thoughtless’.

The boys were all interviewed independently and it emerged they intended to club together to buy cannabis and experiment with the drug.

Those that did smoke the drug were suspended for 10 days and those that pooled their resources but did not experiment with the drug were suspended for a shorter period.

Mr Davies said the parents of the boys involved had supported the school’s line.

He said, “As you can imagine, this has been very distressing for all involved and it has provoked a great deal of reflection on how it came about and the way forward.

“We are hopeful this will be a turning point, with important lessons learned.

“It remains the case the college is very clear that anyone who is found to have brought drugs onto college property, used drugs in college or during any college related activity, or traded drugs is likely to lose his or her place at the school.

“We remain a school that is determined to go further than merely keeping drugs out of school life - we are intent on working with parents to protect their children from the dangers of drugs in every part of their lives, even if this necessitates tough decisions and uncomfortable investigations.”