Eastbourne College catering students tops with recycling

Hospitality and catering students at Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne are leading the way when it comes to recycling.

The Year 2 BTEC students have undertaken a research project that has led to a positive bias on recycling in the kitchen areas and a reduction in waste. It has also highlighted areas for development and future improvement. From the students research they identified that some 4560kg were sent to landfill each year from the training kitchens in Eastbourne at a cost of £5200 to remove. This set the benchmark to see how they could improve recyclingand help reduce the financial cost.

A recycling station was created which separates plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and cans from food waste. It is estimated that there will be a 75 per cent saving on waste going into landfill, which relates to a financial saving of £3,900 a year on contractors removing the waste.

The next stage is to investigate setting up a composter for vegetable waste and a wormery for other food waste with the aim of reducing items for landfill to an absolute minimum in the next 12 months.

The initiative undertaken by the hospitality students is just one of many projects that are taking place across the college aimed at embedding the ethos of carbon reduction in everything we do. Sussex Downs College has announced it will be reducing its carbon emissions by 25 per cent running up to 2015/16.