Eastbourne coast to be given extra Government care

THE EASTBOURNE coastline has been included in the second wave of a country-wide marine management scheme.

It was announced this week that the area stretching from Dover to the River Dart in Devon will be given extra attention by the Government as environmentalists look to safeguard the waters off the south coast.

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) will start working on a plan to protect the future of the waters which, when finished, will help guide people on how and what can be done in the area.

That could include any possible development of marine based industries or wind farms as well as laying down guidelines on fishing and shipping.

Conservation will also prove central to the scheme, with a focus on the conservation of protected species and their natural habitats to make sure wildlife continues to thrive.

Steve Brooker, the MMO’s head of marine planning, said, “England’s South Inshore and South Offshore marine areas were chosen for their wide range of marine activities that need to co-exist in these busy waters.

“These marine areas are identified as environmentally sensitive so it is vitally important that new activities are introduced in a sustainable way, ensuring that social, environmental and economic implications are considered together.

“As the demand for space increases, so will the need for use of our seas as a key resource. This is an ideal time for marine planning to begin in these areas, to ensure there is a clear framework for sustainable development.”