Eastbourne Bannatyne members furious over new parking restrictions at health club

Members of Bannatyne's Health Club who are annoyed by the new parking rules (Photo by Jon Rigby)
Members of Bannatyne's Health Club who are annoyed by the new parking rules (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Eastbourne gym-users are furious about a new parking system at their leisure facility.

Around 40 Bannatyne Health Club members are up in arms over the new rules which state drivers are only able to park there for three hours or face a £100 fine.

David Watts said, “I received a £100 fine for having a latte after a workout.

“After quite a fight I got it reduced to £35, which I still kicked off about as I think it’s morally wrong when you are spending £600 a year to use a gym. You have to keep watching the clock.”

The dad said, “I boycotted it because I was so angry. It was less than 10 minutes over their allocated time. They can’t treat members like that.

“They have lost people already, probably more than they have gained in fines, and that stands to continue.”

David Hendrie, a member for 10 years, was also given a £100 fine for being 19 minutes late. He said, “I’m dissatisfied with the whole situation, I think it’s very unfair. Rather than isolate people who are using the car park illegally they have targeted everyone who has a car. Everyone gets tarred with the same brush.”

The 67-year-old added, “It discriminates against people who have to drive there. If you walk into the gym or cycle there’s no restriction, you can stay there all day. If you drive that’s where the restriction applies. It’s not right.”

A spokesperson for the club said, “Members have been concerned about the lack of car parking spaces at peak times and we have acted to address this. To discourage the use of our exclusive car park by non-members and to ensure members can use the car park when visiting the health club, we have introduced a three-hour parking limit.

“This timescale is adequate for most members, however if anyone wishes to use the health club for more than three hours, whether regularly or occasionally, they can talk to a team member and this will be arranged. Anyone requiring further information can ask a member of staff.”