East Sussex County Council elections: Old Town ward

Eastbourne goes to the polls this Thursday, May 2, for the East Sussex County Council elections.

Polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm and the results will be announced in the early hours of Friday morning after the count at Eastbourne Town Hall.

You can follow news of the results here on the Herald website and via Twitter at: @eastbournenews

Here’s a run down of the candidates standing in the Old Town ward:

Anne Angel (Conservative)

Anne and her family have lived in Old Town for more than 35 years and she is a well known local campaigner. As a former Old Town councillor she successfully campaigned on many matters of concern to residents, including saving a local bus service, and working with the police to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour. Anne is a retired Town Centre manager and was president of Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce. She says she is proud to have been the project manager for the first Airbourne and if elected, Anne will use her experience, gained through her work and voluntary activities to be a strong voice for Old Town at County Hall.

David Greaves (UKIP)

David has lived in the Eastbourne area since 1979 in which time he says the town has changed greatly, many substantial local employers have disappeared altogether and to prevent further decline, he firmly believes local businesses must be supported, pot holed roads must be mended and the creeping sore of the town’s parking regime which has nothing to do with parking problems and everything to do with revenue, hitting our pockets and discouraging residents and visitors from coming to our town, must be fixed. He says people hand over vast sums to the EU yet have to tolerate substandard hospitals and collapsing roads. Only UKIP is fighting to protect the interests of a British citizen and preserve the democratic Britain.

Sarah Richards (Labour)

Sarah Richards is a busy mother of two living in the Old Town. She commutes to London where she works for a UK-based engineering firm. Sarah is pledging to campaign for faster train services to London, to cut journey times to under 90 minutes, says no to unfair fare increases, no to closure of stations and ticket offices and no to cuts to local maternity services at the District General Hospital as Eastbourne mums need local NHS services. She also wants to see better, faster repairs to local roads and says the county council has neglected the roads and repairs are needed now.

John Ungar (Liberal Democrat)

John Ungar and his wife have lived in Old Town for the past 25 years. It is where they brought up their children. John actively supports many voluntary organisations and community initiatives in Old Town. John started the successful Wonderful Old Town Front Garden Initiative. He has been campaigning to get the county council to fix the many potholes in Old Town roads. He wants the county council to look into road safety schemes which could save lives. He also says he wants the county council to cut what he calls wasteful bureaucracy so it can afford to stop cutting front-line services.