East Sussex County Council elections: Devonshire ward

Eastbourne goes to the polls this Thursday, May 2, for the East Sussex County Council elections.

Polling stations will be open from 7am-10pm and the results will be announced in the early hours of Friday morning after the count at Eastbourne Town Hall.

You can follow news of the results here on the Herald website and via Twitter at: @eastbournenews

Here’s a run down of the candidates standing in the Devonshire ward:

Keith Gell (Independent)

Keith says he is standing as an independent candidate to give people an alternative to the three main parties. Born in Eastbourne, Keith went to Bourne Junior and Ratton schools then studied science at Eastbourne FE College. He moved away for a few years to go to university and returned when his children were young. A computer programmer for 30 years, Keith has recently started work as a peddler selling fruit. He is against parking charges which he says are harming small businesses in Eastbourne and says he will fight for greater fairness and openness and transparency in government.

Bob Lacey (UKIP)

Bob Lacey is the UKIP candidate for the Devonshire ward. He is an activist politician and has served as a county councillor. He was Chairman of the East Sussex County Council from 2007-09, having previously been a successful chairman of the Health Overview Scrutiny committee. Bob believes that as this year UKIP is contesting every council seat in East Sussex, a formidable presence at County Hall will demonstrate that local electors have had enough of what he called the old decaying parties who refuse to address the looming problems of uncontrolled immigration with the strain on social services, local schools and housing and it is time for change.

Colin Murdoch (Conservative)

Colin says he wants to reach out to the residents of Devonshire, to help get what they need, to bring growth and regeneration to an area that is classed as one of the most deprived areas in the southeast, which needs major investment and funding. There are historic buildings within the area like the Royal Hippodrome Theatre dating back to 1883, a venue that could be used for many different community activities, and once again become a key entertainment attraction in the town. Devonshire has everything to offer in the town of Eastbourne and Colin says he wants to help the people achieve this.

Gerry Stonestreet (Labour)

Gerry grew up in Devonshire Ward and is dismayed that after years of Tory and LibDem neglect it is among the most deprived wards in East Sussex. He sees the election as an opportunity for voters to make a decisive break with the past and reject the wrecking ball policies of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition, so damaging to the lives of hard working families. He aims to give the people of Devonshire a real voice in County Hall to press for business/infrastructure investment, to protect vital local services, including the DGH and to sort out the parking fiasco imposed by the Tories.

Steve Wallis (Liberal Democrat)

Currently a borough councillor for Devonshire, Steve hopes to add the county to his portfolio. Steve was born in Eastbourne, as were generations of his family, and is passionate about the town. A keen environmentalist, recycling, tree planting, protecting wildlife and the quality of the towns parks and gardens are all issues Steve has campaigned on and has made a number of positive changes. If elected to the county council Steve says he will fight for properly maintained roads and improved footpaths including more dropped-kerbs. Steve says he wants to make Devonshire an area where all ages will enjoying living, working or playing.