East Dean stars in local author’s first Sussex novel

An author who uses the Sussex area as a backdrop for much of his writing has featured the village of East Dean in his first novel.

Callum Jacobs, who grew up in Lewes, began penning House of Dreams a decade ago. It focuses on reality television and the nation’s obsession with celebrity culture.

He said, “I began writing House of Dreams around ten years ago and as a full time teacher of psychology at a school in North London as well as being a parent of two young children, finding time to write is one of the biggest challenges; I often have to force myself to go to bed in the early hours of the morning if the writing’s going well.

“I grew up in Lewes and in using East Dean as a back drop I was looking for somewhere to provide a nice contrast to London where the other half of the action takes place.”

Mr Jacob’s said the inspiration for the book came from being somewhat of a television addict as a child. He said he became aware of the way people’s relationship with TV has changed in the last 20 years, adding, “As a teacher I’m also acutely aware of how a sizeable proportion of young people today crave celebrity in a way that has just not existed in previous generations. It concerns me that most will not achieve fame and so be disappointed, and for the few that do, there’s a good chance it won’t bring them the happiness they imagine. Having said that, one of the main characters in House of Dreams, Yves, is a teenager with a very healthy scepticism for the cult of celebrity and represents the dynamic, creative and irrepressible aspects of youth.”

The 42-year-old is now busy writing another novel which centres on what happens when a group of computer hackers takes down the country’s TV networks.

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