DYW: Willingdon - January 12, 2011

GLEN CHORALE: David Cosham, who was in the audience at the Glen Chorale’s recent concert, sent me this report, so I thank him for it.

On a cold and misty afternoon the audience was warmly welcomed by the joyful singing of the choir, who presented a Baboushka themed Christmas concert.

The legend of Baboushka, a Russian grandmother, says that the three Magi visited her on their way to find the Christ Child.

The programme was divided into four parts with a short narrative between each section.

The first part What’s It All About? included two tuneful pieces, composed by talented director of music Esther Bird, who was dressed colourfully as Baboushka.

Esther’s melodies were The Magi See The Star, sang by a male voice quartet and a ladies trio Can You See What We See? The full choir sang the rhythmic folk tune Kalinka.

In the second part, God’s Gift Sent for the Sake of the World reflected on the birth of Jesus.

Included was O Little One Sweet, a harmonised Bach melody, softly sung with meaning and Ave Maria, with the female soloist vocalising smoothly with a pleasing slow tempo.The melodic Silver Star was performed sweetly by another female soloist.

The third section Future Foreboding for the Christ Child’ contained a carol for the audience to sing - Unto us is Born a Son and this was followed by the final section Christmas Shines Through the Year.

It included the poignant Christ Has No Body Now But Yours by David Ogden and was presented harmoniously by a female trio wearing headscarves and shawls.

Babouska’s reflection was What You Do for Others, You Do for the Lord. The concert ended with We Wish you a Merry Christmas with two uplifting chord changes – a real delight’.

David Cosham writes ‘with a very well researched and splendidly performed concert, I await patiently for the summer one in June’.

The date for the summer concert is Friday June 3, to be repeated on Monday June 6.

THE THREE Ms (Miss, Ms, and Mrs) meet at 8pm on Wednesday, January 12, in St Mary’s Church Hall, Willingdon, when Tony Smith will give a talk entitled ‘Brownbread Horse Rescue’.

WI MEETING: Jevington and Filching Women’s Institute will meet at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday, January 13) at Trinity Church Hall Coppice Avenue. The speaker Claire Umney will talk about St Wilfrid’s Hospice. There will be an exhibition of unusual candles brought along by members. Visitors welcome.

MIKE & The Meercats are providing the entertainment at the British Queen at Willingdon Triangle from 8.30pm on Saturday, January 15.

CONCENTUS Chorale: A reminder Concentus Chorale will be giving a concert at St Saviour’s and St Peter’s Church in Eastbourne on Saturday, January 15, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £9 in advance or £10 at the door. There will be a retiring collection for the JPK Project which aims to provide residential accommodation in a caring community for people with a learning disability.

THE RED LION wine club meets at 7pm on Wednesday January 19 in the pub at Willingdon Village. Food including wine is £5.95 but it is essential to book. Ring 502062.

THE EIGHT BELLS in Jevington has a quiz every Tuesday starting at 8pm. The cost is £1 per person. dnesday. Ring 484442.