DYW: Stone Cross - February 9, 2011

THE SOUTH Downs Postcard Club meets in Westham Village Hall on the second Wednesday of each month, starts at 7pm. The next one is on Wednesday, February 9. The club has been running very successfully for the past year but is looking for new members. Postcard collecting has grown hugely over the past few years and covers many subjects, so it is worth going along. More details from the secretary, Jennie, on 01323 449723.

A FIVE-DAYcoach holiday to the northern part of Holland has been arranged for Friday, May 20, to Tuesday, May 24. This is an area of Holland which is not normally visited by tourists (in fact, if you see another UK registration plate in that area, it is very rare).

Travel will be from Stone Cross by luxury coach, making use of the tunnel from Folkestone and the holiday will be based in the delightful little village of de Bult in the Hotel Hampshire.

A varied programme of visits to attractions has been arranged - not too busy but enough to be of interest to all. For further details contact Hazel on 07902 222149.

THE LAST meeting of Westham Parish Council was held on January 17, in the Amenity Room, Stone Cross. The minutes of the meeting held on November 15, were read, confirmed as a true record and signed. Reports from the following committees eetings were received and adopted by the council - finance and general purposes; parks and open spaces; environment and planning – all took place on December 13.

Cllr Nash reported he had attended the emergency sub-committee meeting on November 24 when the risk analysis had been adjusted and amendment 11 prepared.

Reports from outside meetings: cllr Perrin had attended the St John the Baptist meeting and reported a Christmas tea party had been organised for residents; cllr B Molog had attended the WDALC meeting; Kelvin Williams was guest speaker and he updated members on E-planning, localism and planning charges. Through the WDALC, cllr Molog also attended the SALC executive committee meeting. This covered the localism bill and planning changes too. cllr Nash attended two Westham and Pevensey local transport partnership meetings. They are now planning to operate independently. The meeting was then suspended.

THE MEETING then received reports from county/district councillors. D cllr D Dear sent her apologies. cllr Tony Freebody updated on the latest Government cuts at ESCC which in real terms are worse than reported.

EMERGENCY Plan Update: The council resolved that Amendment 11 was accepted as were the changes to the risk analysis. cllr Nash is to attend an emergency plan meeting at Eastbourne Town Hall on January 25. and the PENG annual meeting on March 16. He is also now working on Amendment 12.

BUSINESS Plan Update: A meeting has been arranged with Trevor Leggo to update the plan. Adur Park Update: The council resolved that ESCC will fit a double headed light at Adur Park for £460 as per the request from Red Dyke Residents’ Association.

RISK assessment: Having taken into account all the recommendations, the risk assessment working party met and agreed to use the health and safety policy statement form, and the risk assessment forms proposed by Gerry Garner.

THE COUNCIL resolved to adopt adopted the fealth and safety policy statement form and the risk assessment forms attached.

ADUR Park Basketball Court: The council resolved the clerk ask the contractor who submitted the cheapest price to confirm his it includes smoothing the edges and then report to the next full council meeting.

GRIT BINS: This winter, the parish council has spent nearly £3500 on grit so far but this has kept the estates open in the severe weather.

THE PAY review meeting will consist of the chair and vice chair of the parish council and the chair of the finance and general purposes committee, chair of the parks and open spaces committee and chair of the environment and planning committee. A meeting is to be arranged soon

WESTHAM Parish Council considered marking the Royal Wedding by giving the children in the parish a souvenir of the event but resolved this was not a justifiable expense in the current climate.

WESTHAM Parish Council adopts the statement of intent for community engagement, it meets the eligibility criteria and formally adopts the power of wellbeing.

THE CLERK asked and the council agreed the children’s newsletter drafted by Joseph O’Sullivan and Rebecca Coode can be handed out at school council meetings.

COUNCILLOR Saxby asked ESCC to repair the drain by the Dittons Road/Mimram Road roundabout, the lights at the Red Lion crossroads and the verge in Hankham Road near Milton Street. He also asked if Wealden could check Saxons have planning permission for the number of caravans on site.

Cllr Bruce asked Stone Cross Nursery refill the plant pots at Westham and offered to fill them herself if they don’t have the time but can supply the plants.