DYW: Stone Cross - December 8, 2010

STONE Cross School is holding its Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 11, from 11am to 1.30pm. There will be the normal attractions and stalls and everybody is welcome, to attend. I have heard that the great man himself, Santa Claus, will be there to add his charm to the festivities and also take orders for delivery on December 25.

THE PEVENSEY, Westham and Stone Cross Branch of the Royal British Legion will be holding their Christmas Lunch on Saturday, December 20, at the Wheatsheaf in Little Common starting at noon.

ON MONDAY, December 13 the Key Stage 2 children from Stone Cross Primary School will be singing carols in St Luke’s Church at both 1.45 pm and 7 pm.

IT HAS come to notice that some shoppers have been defrauded of money when shopping in some stores, when paying with a debit card

Apparently, when finalising a bill, on occasions a sum of money has been entered as ‘cashback’ when this has not been asked for (and not given).

Probably, many people take their till receipt and put in a pocket or purse without looking at it (I know that I do that sometimes).

Obviously, if a sum of money is pit down as cashback and not paid out, that money will be surplus in the till if it is left there.

It doesn’t take much expertise in the way of sleight of hand for it to come out and go into somebody else’s pocket.

Warning - check you receipt before you leave the store: you could well not be out of pocket.

ON SATURDAY, December 18, the Sovereign Polyphony Choir Christmas Carol Concert will be staged in St Luke’s Church, Stone Cross, starting at 3pm.

There is no entry charge but the choir does ask for a per person retiring donation to Eastbourne Blind Society.

Sovereign Singers have regularly entertained at Christmas with carols in the Enterprise Centre and Berkeley Homes Marketing Suite.

Each year two, free private concerts are given to VIP members of the Eastbourne Blind Society.

More details about the Choir can be found on their web site www.sovereignpolyphony.co.uk

LOOK out for some heavy activity at Stone Cross Mill on Monday December 13 (weather permitting) when for the first time in 10 years or more, the cap on top of the Mill will be lifted off by crane and placed on the ground for remedial work to be undertaken.

Obviously, it is far safer to work on the cap at ground level rather than at 50 foot in the air.

The top of the Mill will be covered with a home made lid which will stop any rain (or snow) entering the Mill.

The two remaining sweeps and the stocks will also be removed, examined and repaired where necessary before being replaced once the cap is back.

Any necessary work will be done by the members of the Mill’s Maintenance Team who are all volunteers.

If you would like to get involved with working at the Mill please contact the Secretary on 01323 760547 who will be able to give you any information you might need.