DYW: Sovereign Harbour - January 12, 2011

THE LOCAL Development Framework (LDF), is a strategy that sets out the policies that will govern the future development of the town up to 2027.

The Eastbourne Plan, is the council’s proposed core strategy that if agreed or adopted, will form part of the LDF.

Proposed, is the operative word here, and since December 17, the council have been active in setting up public consultation meetings around Eastbourne, seeking feedback and suggestions from anyone who visits, lives or works in the town.

The consultation period will last up until March 11, and people are invited to view the document, speak to planning officers and make representations.

The Sustainability Appraisal-another document- accompanies the Eastbourne Plan, and assesses the proposed policies against various criteria, to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability can be achieved.

There will be an opportunity for Sovereign’s residents and businesses to have their say at a dedicated neighbourhood event scheduled to take place at the Haven School, Atlantic Drive from 10-2pm, on January 22.

There will also be an event held on February 21, from 2pm to 6pm, at Eastbourne Town Hall, showcasing all the neighbourhoods and policies which are detailed in these plans.

You can make your comments after viewing the proposals, by logging on to the EBC, website or emailing planning.policy@eastbourne.gov.uk.

You can also write to Planning Policy, Eastbourne Borough Council, 1, Grove Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4TW. Sovereign Ward, includes Langney Point, Kingsmere, Kings Park, and those residents living within the Queens Estate, area.

Sovereign Harbour, itself experiences overdevelopment and lack of green spaces and community facilities caused by historical short sighted developmental decision making from Eastbourne Borough Council, and if we have learned anything it would be to ensure a good turn out from residents before any council decisions can be set in stone.