DYW: Pevensey - January 19, 2011

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FOND farewell to my old mucker and mentor Colin Huggett, master of memories of this area, who left his last home in Beachlands for the great Levels in the sky at the end of last month.

Colin spent most of his life working with agricultural machinery locally and further afield, but became a notable because of his writings about the old days of Hankham, where he was born, Pevensey and the levels and our local shoreline.

Colin took a major part in Southern Television’s Country Ways programme with Jim Flegg, and the BBC’s natural history series Nature Detectives about our local rarity, the Fen Raft Spider.

He was also part of the English Nature Wildlife Enhancement Scheme. But locally his fame came with the publication of his book A Place in Time revealing a part of the lives of those Hankham and Levels people who contributed so much to a wonderful way of life.

Less well known locally, was his master work Great Harvests with Bolinder-Munktell , the story of great threshing and combine harvesting machines.

Remembered mostly as a great lover of the area, a great countryman and a great storyteller, his local works also included Under The Eagle and Water’s Edge. His last appearance was in a TV film made for C4 alongside me, examining the white lions on Pevensey levels, which he hated. Our thoughts are now with Betty, Elaine, Paula, Karen and Liz.

ANOTHER loss to the community is broadcaster Chris Copsey who collapsed and died last week. Chris spent many a happy summer at his family’s holiday home in Pevensey Bay.

Coppo’ first got behind the mic as a student of mine at the National Broadcasting School in Soho in the early eighties before becoming the voice of East Sussex with his stints on radio stations Southern Sound, Splash FM, Arrow, Sovereign, Bright and BBC Radio Sussex.

Last saw him at a Pevensey market when he rolled up on his bike.

GET UP to speed with your power boating. Pevensey Bay Yacht Club will be running Royal Yachting Association Power Boat level 2 or RYA Safety Boat training. The power boat course is on two Saturdays, March 19 and 26, and the safety boat course on April 2 and 9. For both courses both days must be attended.

DEVASTATED by the loss of the old fish and chip shop in the Bay village centre, where every Friday night for years I picked up my delicious giant cod and chips. The greengrocer and florist, the bank, the Castle Cottage tea rooms, the Mint House, the Priory Court, and now the chippie, all done and dusted. Where will it all end? Here and now, I hope!

The parish council and the Action Group must put their money and muscle behind new ventures in the parish.